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Rahim&Brothers  established a firm by the name of Rahim&Brothers (R&B) Enterprises PVT Ltd , situated in industrial Estate Bara Banda Nowshera. The continuous participation of Rahim & Brothers Enterprises PVT Ltd at National as well as International level is the reason of its growth and success with quality of Production. Since its inception, the products provided by Rahim & Brother Enterprises PVT Ltd have increase the productivity of detergent manufacturing industry. It has proven to excel in becoming the no.1 washing powder in the Whole Country.

Rahim & Brother Enterprises launched in 1998 under the brand name ‘Supreme Double Horse Washing Powder’  was the first detergent powder in Pakistan. Initially, the brand was positioned on the clean proposition of “washes whitest”. However, with the emergence of numerous local detergent manufacturers and the entry of other global brands, Suraj Double Horse Washing Powder underwent various changes in its Brand Communication. During the Business Development Phase, Rahim and Brothers Enterprises Pvt Ltd Introduce Supreme Double Zarafa with new Advance Formula and low Price. After the great success of  Suraj Double Washing Powder and analyses the market needs. Rahim and Brothers Enterprises introduce various brands as under such as Supreme Double  Zarafa, Suraj Double Horse Washing Powder, Karishma Detergent Powder, Gem Washing Powder, Bachat Washing Powder, Qudrat Washing Powder, Guide Washing Powder. These Brands are famous for good quality nationally as well as in neighboring countries i.e Afghanistan. Rahim & Brothers PVT Ltd don’t Compromise on its quality & most of items slashed raw materials are imported from all over the world mainly Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, China, Korea, Taiwan & India.

Rahim&Brothers (R&B)

Company Involved In Manufacturing Washing Powder

Rahim & Brothers (R&B) Enterprises PVT Ltd is the leading Washing Powder Manufacturer. Supreme Double Zarafa Washing Powder is the market leader in the laundry detergent market; it caters all the segment of the society by offering different sizes of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) Based on different family sizes and the income groups. The reason for those SKU(s) is to provide maximum alternatives to the different segments based on various economic classes and segments. Various products designed by Rahim & Brothers (R&B) Enterprises include packages of; 50 Kg Bag, 20 Kg Bag, 10kg Bag,5 Kg bag, 1000g, 500g bag along with Rs-10 and Rs-5 packing. The purpose of focusing on these SKU(s) is to cater the demand of the consumers from all classes. Depending upon their low purchasing power and capacity to buy the well-known brand and to generate more trials among the consumers to make them brand loyal. Satisfied customers are loyal customers. That is why the company calls these small SKU(s) a trial generation SKU(s).

Bussiness Process


  • We Provide Premium Quality in Detergent.
  • Various range of Products Long Lasting Fragrance.
  • We Provide Best Quality at your Door Steps.
  • Most of the items Slashed Raw Materials are imported from all over the world.

We are Hiring

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